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Astrological Gem International is the world’s premier source of top quality Jyotish gemstones. Honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service are the heart of our business model. We are experts in every area of Vedic Gemology.


Jay Boyle, G.G., Owner of Astrological Gem

Jay Boyle is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with 40 years of experience in every area of the gem business. As the Senior Gemstone Buyer for one of the largest jewelry television networks in the United States, he is a frequent media contributor and expert on industry nomenclature, ethics, and laboratory guidelines within the gemstone trade.

In addition to his vast gemstone knowledge and market experience, Jay’s lifelong involvement with meditation and spiritual work has cultivated his senses for the finer, more subtle aspects of selecting gemstones that are optimal for Vedic Astrology. He credits his immense success in the trade to the Jyotish gems he’s worn since he began selling them the 1980s. He has exhibited at the American College of Vedic Astrology every year since 1992 and founded Astrological Gem International in 1997.

Jay’s greatest passion is sourcing premium, untreated gemstones and making them available to the astrological community for unbeatable prices. Only the very best, the most powerful, and the most energetically pure are selected for our collection.

Tiffany April Raines, Certified Vedic Gemologist

Tiffany April Raines is the Certified Vedic Gemologist, Head of Sales, and co-owner of Astrological Gem. She joined the team in 2007 as a webmaster and a scientific skeptic. Doubting that astrological gemstones really worked, but curious by nature, she began researching client experiences in depth and testing every kind of gem she could on herself. Undeniable results converted her into a believer and eventually a practitioner of Jyotish. 

In 2012 she studied at the American College of Vedic Astrology and in 2014 became Astrological Gem’s Head of Sales. In 2015 she became a Certified Gemstone Advisor through the Planetary Gemologists Association whose website features her writing on Vedic Gemology to this day.

Wearing several powerful gemstones of her own, she has served thousands of clients with research-based wisdom and intuitive insight, publishes popular myth-busting articles at, and has grown to become one of the most sought after Jyotish gemstone advisors in the world. You can read more about Tiffany here.

Tarah Connor, G.G., A.J.P. Inventory Manager & Jewelry Coordinator

Tarah Connor is Astrological Gem’s inventory manager and jewelry coordinator. She has been fascinated, since a very young age, by the science and beauty of precious gemstones. She joined Astrological Gem in 2009 after receiving her Graduate Gemology and Accredited Jewelry Professional degrees from GIA, the Gemological Institute of America.

Tarah serves as a second pair of eyes to Jay, carefully inspecting the gems we consider buying to ensure they’re up to our very strict quality standards. She weighs, measures, and grades every gemstone we purchase as she enters them into Astrological Gem’s exclusive product management system, Rock Star Inventory.

Tarah also works with clients requesting custom jewelry, an expert in Vedic tradition and practitioner of Sanskrit herself, ensuring our customers receive the perfect settings to showcase their newly purchased Jyotish gemstones.

Leslie Hollis, Photographer & Artistic Director

Leslie Hollis joined the Astrological Gem team in 2016. With an MFA in Studio Art, majoring in metalsmithing and minoring in photography and design, she serves as the product photographer and artistic director for our team.

Leslie carefully photographs every loose gemstone and piece of custom jewelry product that comes through our office. With a background in bead design she also creates malas and necklaces for customers and has recently begun making custom silver Jyotish pendants in her own studio.

Pundit Sarathi, Sri Devi Mandir Temple

Pundit Sarathi is the Head of Ceremonies at the Sri Devi Mandir temple in Fairfield, Iowa. Trained for life to be Vedic pundit, one of many generations that came before him, he personally performs profound and elaborate yagyas and pujas to bless our astrological gemstone inventory.

Pundit Sarathi also performs ceremonies to bless gems and jewelry on behalf of our clients, assessing Jyotish charts and incorporating all areas of expertise into the customized pujas he does.

Pundit Sarathi resides at the Sri Devi Mandir temple full time, devoted to the depths of his work. Astrological Gem is fortunate to have such a resource nearby. The temple is lovingly supported by us and other spiritual sponsors within our Fairfield, Iowa community.

Buttercup, Head of Security

Buttercup belongs to Tiffany and assumes the role of Head of Security at Astrological Gem. She has faithfully guarded our headquarters every business day since 2009. 

Buttercup is a Lhasa Apso, an ancient breed originating in Tibet as the watchdogs of sacred monasteries. Her Jyotish chart has been rectified and she wears a red coral as her primary gemstone. Ketu is on her ascendant and her Mars is debilitated, but, we all know that she’s doing her best. 

When Buttercup isn’t busy sniffing the shoes of visitors and guarding our gemstone inventory, she enjoys joining the Astrological Gem team for meetings and managing employee activities throughout the office.

guaranteed purchases

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee that our Jyotish gemstones are:

Natural and untreated as stated.

The finest quality available anywhere.

Purchased from fair trade sources.

Sold for prices that can’t be found in retail jewelry stores.

Tiffany, Jay, and Tarah having fun at a JCK Gem Show buying trip in Las Vegas