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Diamond Buying Guide for Jyotish Astrology

Diamonds are the best known gemstone around the world, being the hardest and oldest gemstone we know of. They are formed entirely from a single element, carbon, deep within the earth’s mantle. Their powerful effects have been noted since the beginning of history and have been seen as a source of power, luxury and invincibility throughout ancient civilizations. Today it is still considered the most powerful representation of Venus for astrology.

Diamond Grading

The Gemological Institute of America has long been deemed the foremost authority on diamonds. They first developed the diamond grading scale which is a scale copied by almost every diamond company in the world today. They grade diamonds based on the four C’s; color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. We use this scale to help determine suitable stones for astrology but there is always the essence of the stone that goes beyond the 4C’s which we consider so the stone must be carefully examined before approval for Jyotish Astrology. 

What Color and Clarity of Diamond do I need?

We recommend a color of G or higher and a clarity of VS1 and higher. Stones of lower clarity and color can be used but it depends on the types of inclusions on the stone and generally we recommend going with larger stones if this is the case. It is fine to go with a higher clarity stone and a lower color stone, or visa versa. But when you go with a higher color and a higher clarity the effects of the stone will be stronger. 

You can learn more about the diamond grading scale at GIA’s website:

What size Diamond do I need?

Diamonds are typically recommended to be 1 carat or heavier. This has been found to be extremely effective when of the proper color and clarity. Still, there are many people who report exceptional results with stones a half carat and above when they are nearly flawless and colorless. If budget is a factor you can certainly consider a stone smaller than a carat. 

What Shape of Diamond is best?

Diamond cutting has been a science for over a hundred years, so most cuts are done with extreme care and precision. Still, if a stone is cut too shallowly, or too deeply it will lose the light that should be reflected through the stone. It is important that the stone is examined by an expert to make sure its not losing too much light from the cut and creating darkness in the stone. 

One last thing to note is that diamonds attract grease and oils! This means its important to regularly clean your diamond to allow the light to pass as freely as possible and get the most positive energy flowing through it. Cleaning with warm soapy water and a toothbrush is great or if you stop into a jewelry store they will usually use their high-end solutions for free. Feel free to contact us with any questions about cleaning and care.