A Capricorn ascendant is the “rock” of the astrological world. Grounded, stable, and consistent by nature, especially if their ruling planet Saturn is strong in their chart, they are usually very dedicated to what they do and have a strong work ethic.

Blue sapphire is the primary gemstone for Capricorns in Vedic Astrology. This is the gemstone for Saturn and it promotes wellness, structure, stability, self-discipline, and long-term gains in income.

Emerald is also commonly worn by Capricorn ascendants. This is the Mercury gemstone and it promotes business success, clarity, support of nature, successful travel, creative potential, and is great for those in the medical and legal fields.

Diamond is the gemstone for Venus and is a great one for a Capricorn rising person, offering an influence of luxury, beauty, good luck, creative potential, return on investments, education, good karma with children, happy relationships, and career development.

Our Capricorn customers generally report mixed to negative results with red gems such as red coral and ruby, and neutral-to-complicated results with pearl. Sticking with these three gems offers the highest likelihood of good results.

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