Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. The primary gemstones for Aries ascendants in Vedic Astrology are red coral, ruby, yellow sapphire, and pearl.

Red coral is the gemstone for Mars, the ruling planet of an Aries rising. It rules over the 1st house (self, body) and the 8th house (transformation). Red coral is worn by Aries people who need a boost in motivation, courage, physical stamina, and energy. If there is an excess of physical heat in the body (or pitta in Ayurveda), red coral should not be too large in size, too dark red in color, or it should be worn with a pearl to keep things in physiological balance. Red coral is warming to the body and pearl is cooling.

Ruby is the planet for the Sun, the lord of the Aries 5th house. This house rules over good luck, creative potential, return on investments, and education. Aries ascendants report an increase in empowerment, authority, success, and synchronicity when wearing ruby. Similarly to with red coral, if the physiology is already prone to overheating, we dose the ruby accordingly by making sure it’s not too large (the 1ct range is sufficient for most people). Pinkish red rubies are effective without being too overheating.

Yellow sapphire is the gemstone for Jupiter, the lord of the Aries 9th house. This is generally the safest and most auspicious of all of the Aries gemstones. It promotes expansiveness, wisdom, enlightenment, wealth, happiness, abundance, and divine grace. It can generally be worn at any size without risk of adverse side effects.

Yellow topaz, the secondary gemstone for yellow sapphire, also does great as an Aries gemstone. Topaz is slightly more energetically warming than sapphire, so it responds well to a fire sign. We’ve also found in our research that yellow topaz seems to activate the sign of Sagittarius – the lord of the Aries 9th house – and light yellow sapphire seems to activate Pisces, lord of the Aries 12th house – and so for this reason I like to see Aries wear Jupiter gemstones that are more warming to activate the fire element side of Jupiter.

Pearl is the gemstone for the Moon and is a good Aries gemstone in most cases. We find it works best when paired with a red coral or a ruby for balance, or with a yellow sapphire for a new mixture of synergistic results. Moon rules over the 4th house (emotions) in the Aries chart, so pearls tend to be internally pacifying and calming for this ascendant.

Gems to Avoid: Blue sapphire for Saturn is neutral at best as an Aries gemstone. Such a cold energy doesn’t match their physiological constitution very well in most cases. Emerald is not advised as Mercury predominantly rules the 6th house (conflict) in the Aries chart. Venus gems produce mixed results in our clients to the degree that I generally do not recommend them – they’re prescribed for relationships (as Venus rules the Aries 7th house of marriage) but I find a Jupiter gem tends to help with that better, promoting wisdom and benevolence which translates into more harmonious engagements.

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