About Our Prices

“Why are your gemstones so expensive?

The highest quality gems in the world are valued according to their rarity. These are the gems we specialize in selling. Premium untreated material becomes harder to find every year and market values continue to rise. We travel the world looking for exceptional gems at old market costs. Our prices are actually unbeatable for this quality.

“But I can get a yellow sapphire on eBay for $100.”

Yes you can! That doesn’t mean you should. The commercial gemstone market has always been flooded with cheap material. Flawed, treated, synthetic, poor quality gems are not rare. They’re nearly worthless in value and have no effect for Vedic Astrology. We carry only the finest natural gemstones because we know that purity is required for consistent results in Jyotish and Ayurvedic healing.

“Can I have a 50% discount? Other companies are having big sales.”

Gem dealers frequently put big markups on cheap goods so they can offer discounts and make people feel good. We work on close margins because we want everyone to have access to  effective Jyotish gemstones, so our business model is different.

If you ask us nicely, we’ll probably give you a “friends and family” discount. Call us any time. But we guarantee our prices are already fair, competitive, and not matched by the mainstream when it comes to gems of this degree of quality.