“Jyotish” Meaning: The Definition of Vedic Astrology

“What is Jyotish?”

Jyotish, in Sanskrit, literally translates to “Science of Light.” It’s another word for Vedic Astrology, an ancient system of astrological calculation originating in Ancient India. This division of knowledge was developed alongside Ayurveda and is used to assess our personal tendencies, life lessons, karmic patterns, obstacles to overcome, and the best opportunities to pursue.

“I’ve always been told I’m a Cancer! Why are you telling me I’m a Gemini?”

You might find that you’re a different rising sign in Jyotish than the sun sign you’re used to hearing about. Western Astrology, popular in the United States, uses a different method of calculation than Jyotish. It never took subtle changes in the earth’s axis into account when it was invented, so over thousands of years, the fixed system of Western Astrology has slowly grown increasingly inaccurate in its transit calculations. The dynamic nature of Jyotish produces consistent astrological transit data and will continue to do so forever. We find Vedic Astrology to be a lot more accurate than Western and use it exclusively in our business. We do not recommend prescribing Jyotish gemstones according to a Western Astrological chart as the effects produced aren’t guaranteed to be beneficial.

“What are Jyotish gemstones?”

Jyotish gems are worn as a remedial measure to minimize hardships and maximize our natural strengths and talents. This metaphysical healing method has been used for thousands of years to promote awakening, growth, success, prosperity, and harmonious relationships.

After studying the effects of our gems on many thousands of people over the years, we’ve come to be able to predict the results of Jyotish gemstones with a very reasonable degree of accuracy. We’re also good at predicting the results of wearing the wrong gems – so feel free to check in with us if you’re looking to make a purchase but need a second opinion on your gemstone recommendation. We want to make sure you’re investing in the right ones.

“How do I learn Jyotish?”

There are many great books available on Vedic Astrology. We recommend Beneath a Vedic Sky and Vedic Astrology Simply Put by the late William Levacy. These are available on Amazon. If you want to significantly further your knowledge, you can consider taking courses at ACVA, the American College of Vedic Astrology.

The best Jyotish software in the world is Parashara’s Light. All of our gem reports are powered by the creator this software, Michiel Boender. We find this to be the most user-friendly astrology software available. Y

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