Aquarius Gemstones in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) are blue sapphire, diamond or white sapphire, and emerald. We’ll review why below.

Aquarius ascendants are often eccentric, innovative, clever, and inspirational people. This is the most humanitarian sign of the Zodiac, so Aquarians are known to not only help people but to inspire the evolution of humanity as a whole. They rule over innovative ideas and networking, also often being highly spiritual and forward-thinking.

A lot of people think Aquarius is a Water sign given the name, but it is actually an Air sign. Saturn is the lord of Aquarius in Vedic Astrology, so this is one of the more grounded air signs overall.

Gemstones for Aquarius in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)

Blue Sapphire is considered the main Aquarius gemstone. It is the primary gem for Saturn, ruling over the Aquarius 1st house (self) and 12th house (spirituality). Because Aquarians are an air sign, we find the best results come with light blue sapphires, moreso than dark ones. This promotes grounding and structure without being too heavy or overbearing. Darker blue sapphires can be worn by Aquarians who are very regimented and spiritually disciplined, but light blue will offer the best results for a majority of people.

Other benefits of blue sapphire for Aquarius includes:



Spiritual depth


Cooling of the physiology (helping to balance pitta, or too much fire in Ayurveda)

Diamond or White Sapphire is the Aquarius gemstone that produces the most consistently beneficial results in our experience. These are the corresponding gemstones for Venus. Venus rules over the Aquarius 4th house (emotional peace and happy home life) and the auspicious 9th house (dharma, divine calling, support of nature). Venus is a natural benefic in Jyotish, meaning it is positive by nature, and Venus gemstones seem to produce the same results.

Some benefits of wearing diamond or white sapphire for Aquarius includes:


Emotional peace and opennness

Positive relationships




Support of nature

Divine grace

Pursuit of highest calling

Emerald is also a common Aquarius gemstone. We find emerald works well in some cases, but consulting a Vedic Astrologer or knowing your own chart is advised before purchase. Mercury rules over the auspicious 5th house (good luck) for Aquarians, but also the more challenging 8th house (accidents and hidden obstacles). If Mercury is healthy and well-placed in the birth chart, it usually produces good results. If it is heavily afflicted in the birth chart, more caution should be exercised with an emerald. We also recommend light, minty green emeralds for this sign, as this produces the best results.

Benefits of Emerald for Aquarius, if properly prescribed and the right gemstone:

Clarity of the mind

Optimal communication

Efficiency, wit, and sharpness

Good luck


Educational benefit

Benefit with children

Business success

Luck with travel


Aquarius Gemstones to Avoid

Pearl should not be worn by Aquarians because it rules over the 6th house (conflict and illness). Ruby and red coral are generally not advised either as this is too much fire element for an air sign, it can create imbalances.




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