Leo gemstones in Vedic Astrology are ruby, yellow sapphire, and red coral.

Leo is the sign of the Zodiac that conjures images of a lion. Its ruling planet is the Sun and it represents authority, power, brilliance, and leadership. Leo Ascendants are fire signs that are bold, courageous, and often the center of attention.

Ruby is the primary Leo gemstone in Vedic Astrology. It is the gemstone of the Sun, which rules over the Leo 1st house.

Benefits from wearing a ruby include:


Physical wellness



Recognition from others

Being a respected authority figure


Yellow Sapphire is the next most popular Leo gemstone. This is the gem for Jupiter, which rules over the auspicious 5th house (good luck) and 8th house (intuition) in the Leo birth chart.

Benefits of yellow sapphire include:

Good luck


Good karma for children and education

Higher learning

Return on investments



Greater intuitive ability


Red Coral is the third most common Leo gemstone. This is the gem for Mars, which rules over the 4th house (emotions) and 9th house (dharma). This gem provides great results as long as the wearer doesn’t overheat easily and is not prone to anger or hostility.

If properly prescribed, the benefits of red coral include:

More courage


Emotional expressiveness

Support of nature

Results of projects and endeavors coming to fruition quickly

Physical stamina




Gemstones to Avoid

Pearl should be avoided by Leos, as it rules over the 12th house (loss and isolation) and Moon gemstones impose too much water element onto a fire sign. Blue sapphires should be avoided as strengthening Saturn is generally unnecessary. Mercury and Venus gemstones are mostly neutral but we have no reports of either being significantly beneficial for Leo ascendants.

Yellow Topaz as a Leo Gemstone

Yellow Topaz is a secondary choice for yellow sapphire, but it is a very resonant choice because it’s so warming. Fire signs like Leo always seem to do well with this gem.


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