Memo Process

Want to see a Jyotish gemstone in person before you buy it?

Customers in the United States can view any of our gems on memo with a valid credit card authorization. Gems can be tested for suitability and inspected in person without any obligation to buy.

We offer a 3-day trial period, enough to assess whether or not there is attraction to the gem you’re interested in. The gemstone is insured in transit to you. Once it’s received, you are fully liable for our inventory while it’s in your possession. Gemstones must be returned following the procedures we give you for insurance on the way back.

If you decide to keep the gem, we’ll convert your credit card authorization into a charge. This will show up on your next billing cycle. If you decide to return the gem, the credit card authorization will drop, and you will only be charged shipping fees.

We ship gems on memo via FedEx Express, Priority or 2-Day rates. This costs, on average, between $30 and $60 each way with insurance.

If a longer trial period is desired, a loose gemstone can be purchased and returned within 14 days.

Arrange a Memo with Us: Call 800-559-5090 between 10am and 5PM CST to arrange a memo. We’ll need a credit card to authorize and an address where you’ll be able to sign for the shipment we send.

Memos can only be sent with approved credit card authorizations. We reserve the right to refuse service if fraudulent activity is suspected.

Outside of the U.S.? Contact us at If we can’t send gems to you on memo, we can use FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Skype to help you get the feel of our gemstones digitally.

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