Taurus is the sign of the Zodiac ruled by Venus. The most commonly worn Taurus gemstones are diamond (or white sapphire), emerald, and blue sapphire.

Diamond is the gemstone for Venus and rules over the Taurus 1st house. Most astrologers recommend diamond for Taurus ascendants for this reason. However, years of research at Astrological Gem has determined that one should not blindly recommend diamonds as the default Taurus gemstone. Taurus is an earth sign, and Diamond appears to heavily activate the air sign of Libra, which falls under the Taurus 6th house (conflict). If it is to be worn, it is best paired with something like a blue sapphire for a deep green emerald for grounding. It can be somewhat physiologically overwhelming if too strong of a diamond is worn. When it is compatible for the Taurus physiology, it promotes brightness and resilience.

A better alternative to diamond, we have found, is white sapphire for Taurus. For whatever reason, research has demonstrated that white sapphire has an earthier energy about it, not as vibrationally heightened as diamond, and Taurus ascendants report it helps to better activate their 1st house. Users report an increase in wellness and relationships with white sapphires.

Emerald is the gemstone for Mercury and is, in our opinion, the safest and most generally auspicious gemstone for a Taurus ascendant to wear. It rules over the 2nd house (speech, expression, income) and the 5th house (good luck, creativity, investments, children, education). Mercury is the stone of business success so it tends to help with career development as well. It promotes clear thinking and optimal communication. Being an earth sign, Taurus people tend to do well with the mental uplifting that comes from strengthening Mercury in their chart. Lighter, minty green emeralds tend to relate to Gemini, the 2nd house for a Taurus, and darker green emeralds tend to activate Virgo, the 5th sign for a Taurus. They report more cerebral energy with mint green stones and more balancing, grounding energy with dark green stones.

Blue sapphire is the gemstone for Saturn and can be safely worn by Taurus ascendants in many cases. It can promote consistency, discipline, grounding, and long-term career development. We must be careful not to wear too intense (large or dark blue) of a sapphire if there is already a tendency for exhaustion or depression. Those with very stable constitutions can wear large blue sapphires with significant benefit. If a gentle dose of grounding and career development is desired, a lighter blue sapphire can be worn with good results.

Hot gems such as ruby and red coral are generally not advised for Earth signs. The above Taurus gemstones consistently produce the most auspicious results. Pearl is not generally advised as it can be destabilizing emotionally and yellow sapphire is not recommended as it predominantly rules the inauspicious 8th house in a Taurus chart.


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