Vedic Emerald

Emerald is the gemstone for Mercury in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). We carry only the highest quality, cleanest emeralds available. Both light, minty green emeralds and deep forest green emeralds work for Jyotish.

Our photos are highly magnified, and emeralds always have some form of inclusions by nature. We guarantee our emeralds are the finest quality and clarity possible. They’re much more vivid and beautiful in person.

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  • 1.07ct Emerald, Emerald Cut

  • 1.55ct Emerald, Oval Cut

  • 1.72ct Brazilian Emerald, Oval Cut

  • 1.75ct Emerald, Oval Cut

  • 1.89ct Emerald, Oval Cut

  • 1.94ct Certified Insignificant Oil Emerald, Pear Cut

  • 1.99ct Emerald, Cushion Cut

  • 2.18ct Colombian Emerald, Pear Cut

  • 2.47ct Emerald, Radiant Cut

  • 3.31ct Colombian Emerald, Emerald Cut

  • 3.74ct Colombian Emerald, Cushion Cut

  • 3.88ct Colombian Emerald, Round Cut

  • 4.01ct Emerald, Insignificant Oil, Radiant Cut

  • 4.03ct Unoiled Russian Emerald, Oval Cut

  • 4.22ct Emerald, Oval Cut

  • 4.30ct Russian Emerald, Emerald Cut

  • 7.27ct Colombian Emerald, Emerald Cut