Custom AStrological jewElry design

Astrological Gem offers custom jewelry services for our all of our gemstone customers.

We work with a team of fine custom jewelers, trained in Vedic tradition, who will ensure your setting is exactly how you like it. Our resident jewelry coordinator will serve as a bridge between you and the jeweler, so your needs and ideas are communicated to them with technical precision. Your astrological gemstone will be set so that it lightly touches your skin when worn, a traditional Vedic requirement.

The cost of custom jewelry will be in addition to the price of the gemstone. You will purchase your gemstone first, and pay for the jewelry setting upon completion.

How to Order Custom Vedic Jewelry

Step 1: Select the loose gemstone you'd like to purchase from our online shop. Click "Shop Gems" on the menu bar to see our complete inventory.

Step 2: Once you know the gem(s) you'd like to set, you can browse our custom jewelry portfolio for style ideas and inspiration. You can also save jewelry style ideas that you like from Google Images or Pinterest, we can reference those later and modify them for Jyotish/Vedic tradition.

Step 3: When you're ready to purchase your loose gemstone, at checkout, you will see a shipping option: "Don't ship yet - I need custom jewelry." This lets us know that we will be working with you to get your gemstone set into jewelry before we ship it to you.

Step 4: Once your loose gemstone order is placed, Tarah ( will be in touch with you to review jewelry design options, cost estimates, and timelines.

It is helpful for us at this stage to have some visual references to designs you like. We also need your finger size if you are ordering a ring, which you can get measured at any local jewelry store.

Custom yellow sapphire and pearl "lotus" double pendant design for Vedic Astrology



Design Inspiration, Education, and Cost Estimates

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Women’s Rings

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Men’s Rings

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Multi-Stone Pendants

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Bracelets, Earrings, & Malas

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