With Tiffany April Raines, Vedic Gemologist & Astrologer

Wondering which astrological gemstones you should wear? Are you new to Vedic Astrology, a.k.a. Jyotish? Order a personalized written consultation. You'll learn your:

  • Vedic Astrological Rising Sign (Ascendant) 

  • Current Planetary Periods

  • The Best Jyotish Gemstones To Wear

  • Which Jyotish Gemstones To Avoid

  • Answers to Your Astrology Questions

  • Suggestions Catered to Your Intentions for Wearing Gems

  • Authentically Written for You and Your Goals – Not a Software Generated Report

Gem Consultation Cost: $108

(Credited back to you with any gemstone purchase over $500. We’ll give you a coupon code for gems under $500, too.)

You will receive a written consultation from Tiffany April Raines, world reknowned Certified Vedic Gemologist. Read more about Tiffany here.