Sagittarius is a classic fire sign. Motivated, driven, and adventurous, a Sagittarius acsendant is always chasing big dreams. They are known to be blunt with their words, sometimes lacking a social filter, but always generous, benevolent, and well-meaning.

Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and enlightenment in astrology.

The primary gemstone for a Sagittarius is yellow sapphire. This is the gemstone for Jupiter, ruling over the Sagittarian 1st house (self) and 4th house (emotions, home life). Yellow sapphire promotes wellness, expansiveness, abundance, emotional peace, and success with land, vehicles, real estate, and mother karma.

Sagittarius ascendants can also wear ruby, for the Sun. The Sun rules over the Sagittarian 9th house. Ruby promotes brilliance, brightness, fame and recognition, courage, fortune, dharma, divine calling, and ultimate success.

Red coral is also worn by Sagittarians, the gemstone for Mars. This promtoes courage, vitality, physical strength, good luck, and return on investments.

Sagittarians should avoid pearls, blue sapphires, Rahu gems, and Ketu gems. Diamonds and emeralds are neutral in most cases but usually not necessary.

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