Guarantees & Return Policies

Change your mind about a gemstone? We’ll do our best to help.

Unset Gemstones: We offer our customers a two-week return privilege on unset gems. You can return the stones for any reason as long as they’re in the same condition as when you purchased them.

The purchase will be refunded to your credit card minus a small restocking fee to cover any processing costs accrued. If you’d like to try a different gemstone instead, we offer a three-week exchange window and cover all processing fees. If you’re in the U.S., you can see any gem in person before officially purchasing it on a 3-day memo period. (Learn more about gemstone memos here.)

100% Accuracy Guarantee: We believe in ethics, transparency, and accuracy within the Jyotish gemstone trade. If a gemstone purchased from us is certified by a reputable lab with identification or treatment other than what we disclosed, the sale will be immediately refunded upon verification. (Reputable laboratories in the United States for astrological gemstones are GIA, AGL, and Stone Group Labs.)

Fair Price Guarantee: We guarantee that the prices we sell our Jyotish gemstones for are fair and competitive. If you find a gemstone of the same exceptional quality (color, clarity, cut, origin, lack of treatment, and weight) for a lower price per carat than what we sold to you for, we’ll credit you the difference of that cost.

Return Exceptions: The sale of red coral and pearl are final, as organic gem types are naturally porous and absorb the natural body oils of the wearer. If a gemstone is damaged before it’s returned, the customer is responsible for covering the costs of the repair.

Jewelry Returns: Once gemstones are set into jewelry, the jewelry sale is final. A custom jeweler’s time and labor is non-refundable. If we’ve made a mistake, however, we’ll gladly cover the cost of fixing it for you. We work closely with our customers to ensure their jewelry orders are perfect before they’re placed.

Buyback Policy: We occasionally buy back astrological gemstones we’ve sold in the past but we always do it mindfully. Experience tells us that a previously worn gemstone must be completely recut to “reset” it energetically if it’s going to be used again for Jyotish. Once recut into a new gem, we purify it and have it blessed at a Vedic Temple to prepare it for a new owner. Offers made on buybacks will take a full recutting, purifying, and blessing of the gemstone into account.