Saturn Gems

  • Blue Sapphire

    Blue Sapphire (19)

    Blue sapphire is the primary gemstone for Saturn in Vedic Astrology. They’re extremely rare when unheated and highly flawless. Our blue sapphires are guaranteed natural, untreated, exceptional quality for Jyotish, and competitively priced. They range in color intensity. The deeper blue gems are more intense and potent energetically, and the lighter blue gems are sweeter and more uplifting.

  • Blue Spinel

    Blue Spinel (5)

    Blue spinel is the second gemstone for Saturn in Vedic Astrology. They are generally more affordable than blue sapphires. Our blue spinel is always top Jyotish quality, untreated, and vary in color for a range of intensity.

  • Amethyst

    Amethyst (3)

    Amethyst is the third gemstone for Saturn in Vedic Astrology. It is the most affordable option. We offer amethyst in large sizes to ensure good effect. All of our natural Brazilian amethyst is natural, untreated, top color, and great quality for Jyotish.